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Wisden Almanack Auction Website
Welcome fellow Wisden Collectors to WISDENAUCTION.COM, Sponsored by (18M Banners shown)

Before you may become a member of our site, you must read and accept all of our terms and conditions. Feel free to contact us using the contact page at the bottom of the website.

Breaches of our terms and conditions may result in your listing being cancelled or your account (and associated IP address) being suspended indefinitely, if extreme we may also inform members and the Wisden community of your actions to protect them from future incidents.


  • You accept sole responsibility for the legality of your actions under laws applying to you and the legality of any lots you list on
  • You are responsible for paying all fees occurred.
  • If you are not a UK resident please contact us via the contact page. We are delighted to have non UK resident to be a part of our community but please note that overseas buyers may need to be responsible to pay for any exchange rate fees, extra postage costs and any paypal costs if an item is set to no paypal allowed.
  • You may not use if you are not able to form legally binding contracts.
  • You may not use if you are under the age of 18.
  • You may not use if your membership has been suspended or IP address blocked.
  • You can at anytime unsubscribe (or subscribe) to the newsletter by unticking the box in your My Account page, some important (and infrequent) communications will be sent to all users (such as site downtime or changes to Terms & Conditions etc). These communications cannot be switched off.
  • You must not make or respond to offers to buy or sell a lot outside of without our consent. We are happy to negotiate with the seller on unsold items BUT once an item has been listed via the auction process it should not be made available to purchase outside of bidding on the actual lot. For a buy-now item you may ask the seller via the Q&A section on the item if they will amend the price,the seller should not remove the item but may amend the price if they feel fit. This price amendment is then open to all buyers and is not binding to the user requesting the price change. An offer is not binding until the buy-now button is pressed, even if the seller has confirmed it in the form of an "I accept" message. If in doubt use the contact us page.
  • You must not provide false contact details and always have a valid e-mail address.
  • You will not breach any laws, sell any counterfeit items or otherwise infringe the copyright, trade mark or other rights of third parties.
  • You will not hold responsible for any loss you may incur as a result of being suspended or an item listed being removed.
  • You will not partake in the act of shill bidding.
  • You will not post false, inaccurate, libellous, misleading or defamatory content.
  • You will not post links to an external website or display contact telephone numbers within a listing without consent.
  • You will not use this website to send spam to our members.
  • You will only contact the relevant buyer/seller to transact a trade unless given permission to do so by the seller/buyer.
  • You must honour the transaction & contracts.
  • Prior to leaving negative feedback the buyer or seller should contact to resolve any disputes.
  • Buyers cannot commit to buying an item without paying or bid on an item with no serious intention of buying it. Buyers must contact us (via Contact Page) immediately on any typographical error made while bidding.
  • Buyers must not bid on a lot if they cannot meet the seller’s terms as outlined in the item description,
  • Buyers must pay in a timely manner. Sellers must invoice in a timely manner.
  • Buyers must not bid or buy with the intention of disrupting the sale of a listing.
  • Buyers must pay for a lot that they have won unless the lot changes dramatically after they have bid.
  • If you have a dispute with one or more users, you release from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.
  • Card, Cheque, BACS and Paypal payments are standard on our site. Paypal has to be chosen on the listing to be initiated. No card charges will be paid for by
  • Sellers must contact the admin team before ending an item early. Sellers MUST NOT end an item early without good cause, receiving few or no bids is not good cause. Ending an item early with bids above a reserve will result in a completed sale for the value at the time of ending the lot.
  • Sellers will list all items in the correct date range & category noting:
    • A series of books should be listed in the Sets category
    • All other (None Wisden) lots should be listed under the appropriate “Other” category.
  • Sellers must adhere to our reasonable reserve policy. See Our Fair Reserve Table page for our suggested maximum reserves by year. We appreciate prices change over time, if in doubt please contact us. 
  • Sellers must not describe an item they are selling incorrectly or refuse to sell an item to a specific member without due cause. All known repairs should be noted in the description of the item.
  • Sellers must deliver an item to the buyer for which payment has been made
  • Sellers will post all items whatever their value via either Recorded or Special Delivery or any other form of carrier that has a tracking mechanism. Any items lost in the post are the responsibility of Royal Mail or equivalent carrier that the seller used and not of We recommend for a single Wisden that postage rates be £4.90 for First Class Recorded & £9 for Special Delivery. This may increase to £10 due to insurance levels (up to £2500) and should decrease for the thinner, lighter Wisdens.
  • Sellers must act upon any request from the Admin team at and respond as accurately as possible to any questions from a buyer in a timely manner.
  • Sellers must complete their contract (to Sell the lot to the buyer) , the only exception to this is a Buy-Now item that has had an obvious typographical price (£1000 instead of £10,000, £4 instead of £40, £500 instead of £50), this being the case, the seller must contact the buyer within 12 hours of the sale, any disputes will be handled by the administration team.
  • When responding to a "want" please note the duration of the want as you will be committing the item to this full duration (it may be sooner but not guaranteed), people listing wants should note that a long duration may put people off as they will have to commit for this long period of time.
  • When listing an item in the Auction format, please note that the optional Buy Now value is not a reserve value, if an auction item with the buy now option receives a bid over the set reserve (if any) the buy-now option will no longer be available and the lot will run solely in the auction format from that bid onwards. For a pure Buy-Now listing please choose this option over the Auction option on the opening sell page. (Please contact us if unsure!) 
  • Not abiding by these Terms and Conditions could lead to your account being suspended for a time deemed fit by the team.
  • WISDEN is a registered trade mark of John Wisden & Company Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. and is used under licence.

Delivery Policy : All items will be delivered by the Royal Mail (Tracked) or a reputable courier and every attempt will be made to deliver the purchase within 48 hours of purchase.

Refund Policy : You can return any item for a refund within 28 days of receiving your original order. Any disputes will be looked into by the adminstartion team which can be contacted on is a trading name of Cridler LTD  

Please use the contact page to request any help on our Terms & Conditions

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