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Help: Selling

To sell a Wisden, follow these simple steps. To speed up selling, you may want to set some default values, to do this - Follow this link. It may also be advisable to print this page out or create a new window (or tab) so you can follow the help while selling.

A helpful link for what pictures to add to your listing is here :

To Sell:

CLICK ON THE "SELL" TEXT at the top of the home page, then:

Step 1 - Choose a Category:

First double click on the appropriate year (or select Sets or Other) E.g. 1938-1949 a sub category (Book Type) will appear for the year in Box 2, please choose the type of book E.g. Original Hardback by double clicking on it. If entries appear in Box 3 then double click on the correct value. (an "->" appears next to the text if a new option in the next box will appear, the majority of items finish in box 2).

Step 2 - Sell:

You need to select either Auction or Fixed Price

The category will now be shown along with your User ID. You need to enter the Item Location - The location the items will be shipped from - E.g. Yorkshire

Click NEXT to continue

Step 3 - Sell: More Details

Please Enter :

Title - The title of your listing. E.g. 1864 Original Paperback

TIP: For Wisdens (not facsimiles or other books), please put the year first. 

Quantity - (Fixed Price Only) The number of lots to be sold, usually 1.

Starting Price - The lowest acceptable price for your listing (if no reserve is set), or the cost of goods for a Fixed Price listing.

Reserve Price - The minimum value you want for your lot. Please see our Fair Reserve Table page for our suggested maximum reserves by year.


Buy Now Price - A fixed price for the item under the Auction format, the auction will end early at this price if a buyer selects to buy the lot for this amount. This is not a reserve price and the buy now option becomes unavailable after a successful auction bid is made.


Payment and Shipping Details:

Immediate Payment - Three Options are available for you to choose how the buyer pays for your item. We would recommend the optional setting if you have a paypal account or the Not Allowed setting if you want to be paid by other means.

--- Optional  - Allows the buyer to choose when to pay (either they check out themselves via Paypal or wait for an invoice)

--- Required - Buy-it-Now only - The buyer must complete the Paypal transaction or the sale is Void.

--- Not Allowed - If you choose this option you have to invoice the buyer before they can make payment for the lot. Used mainly for Cheque only payments.

Accept Payments with Paypal - If you want to allow the buyer to pay by paypal please tick the box and enter your e-mail address. Along with your preferred payment method in the Payment Instructions Box.

Shipping Cost - The charge for postage - Approx £4.90 for Recorded delivery or £9 for Special Delivery - All items must be tracked!

Extra Item Shipping Cost - The additional charge for shipping and handling a second or third (+) item. Usually set to 0.

Tax - Please leave this blank as books are not liable for VAT.


Listing Information

This is the most important section from a buyers point of view. The software recognises your book and asks you appropriate questions.

All fields are optional but please fill them out to the best of your ability. We may contact you after listing to complete any missing details, if unsure please continue and contact us after the item is listed.


Detailed description

Please enter a full description, including all defects of the lot. You may need to expand on some of the questions you have answered if the choice available does not describe your book accurately.



Click NEXT to continue.

Step 4 - Sell: Final Details

Please Enter :

Start Date - Start date of the listing , if blank this will be immediate.

End Date - The time you want to end the Auction. NB: The time range is set between 8 & 10PM (the most active times), if you would like a different end time, please list the lot with the proposed date and contact us once listed, as we can amend the end time for you.

Auto Relist - If you choose 1 (or higher) here WisdenAuction.Com will automatically relist your item if it doesn't sell. It is free to relist your item and will include the same features that you choose below. TIP: Choose 20 to save time relisting.

Hit counter - A free service to help track how many views your listing has received.

There are several visual effects and listing options available. These are optional and may require a fee.

HomePage Featured - These listings will be selected to be displayed on our main page and also above the categories on the Browse page (5 randomly selected to appear) - The best way to advertise your Wisden.

Category Featured - The listing will be featured above other items in category listings. E.g. At the top of 1965-2008 Section.

Gallery Listing - The listing will be featured in the gallery section. It will also be rotated (with all the other gallery items) on the home page and on the side of the browse page. This needs to be ticked to see a picture of your item next to your listing in search results (Default is now set to ON), This is free of charge.

Highlight Listing - The listing with have a highlighted background to attract attention.

Bold Listing - The listing title will be displayed with a bold font.

Upload Base Image - This is the main image for your listing. This image is used if the "Gallery Listing" feature is selected. Click on Browse and select the image from its location on your PC. See the Adding Images section below for more information.

Free Extra Images - 24 extra pictures can be uploaded for Free! The more pictures you load the more confident the buyer will become.

Please note , it is recommended that the size in MB of the photo be as small as possible, the larger it is the longer it takes to get to the next screen. It can take 1 minute in some cases.

Click Confirm to continue.

Please review the next screen & the posting fees and if you are happy click POST ITEM (or Back if you need to amend the item).

That is it! Good luck with your sale and thanks for using WisdenAuction.Com

Adding Images - You can add images when you list an item. You can also edit a listing to include additional images.

Images must be in .jpg or .gif format.

  • .jpg - File format that reduces file size without reducing image quality.
  • .gif - Common file format used specifically for web graphics.

To upload an image (from the 'Sell an Item' form):

  1. Click "Browse"
  2. Locate the image file on your computer
  3. Select the file name
  4. Click "Open"

To change an image (from the 'Sell an Item' form):

  1. Check the box marked "Delete"
  2. Click "Browse"
  3. Locate the image file on your computer
  4. Select the file name
  5. Click "Open"
The images that you choose for your listing can be interchanged. If you do not like the original image order, you can rearrange them by changing their sequence number.

Edit a Listing - Complete listing information can be edited IF:
  • Auction - The item has received 0  bids
  • Fixed Price Listing - 0 items have been sold

If a listing has received bids or one of multiple items have sold, the following changes can be made:

  • The Seller can append a note to the item description
  • Listing Options can be added

To Edit a listing:


  1. Login to your account
  2. Access your My Account/My Auctions menu
  3. Select the "Selling" tab
  4. Select [edit item]
  5. Make changes to available fields
  6. Click the button "Save Changes"


Cancel a Listing - There are two ways to cancel an active listing. You can:

  • End the listing early OR
  • Delete the listing

To End a listing early (immediately):

  1. login to your account
  2. Access your My Account/My Auctions menu
  3. Select the "Selling" tab
  4. Select [edit item]
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Item page
  6. Type the word "End" into the appropriate text field
  7. Click the button "End Early"

To Delete a listing (immediately):

  1. login to your account
  2. Access your My Account/My Auctions menu
  3. Select the "Selling" tab
  4. Select [edit item]
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Item page
  6. Type the word "Delete" into the appropriate text field
  7. Click the button "Delete Item"
NOTE a Listing will be sold if ended with a bid above reserve.
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