The Wisden Direct Debit/Standing Order Club

Fill your Wisden gaps via a set monthly budget.


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Many of our customers buy Wisdens on a regular basis, sometimes due to availability the series they buy is not always in order or the book they require is not available, also the price of the next book can fluctuate from the last (depending on rarity and condition) so we though of creating a direct debit or standing order scheme that will help the buyer know what they are spending a month and to smooth out the fluctuations between years. It also helps us line up the correct books that are needed by members.


The scheme will be different and specifically tailored for each member that participates, the input into the scheme is a set or run of Wisdens (not necessarily a run of consecutive years) and the time period that you would like to collect them over, this in conjunction with a guide to the condition you like will give us the perfect way forward. 


For example in the 12 months of 2016 you may want to collect the 1940s Linen Wisdens in 8 or 9/10 condition.

We would work out the value of this set - lets say it is 1370, apply a discount for a bulk buy say 50 here, which gives us a total of 1320 , so a direct debit (or standing order) would be set up for 110 a month for each month in 2016 (110 * 12 = 1320) and the books will be despatched evenly over the year in the desired order of the member. It can be a set of 1990s or even the first 15!


A true life example is Mr W is paying 40 a month to take his set back from 1964 to 1950 , this is an easy example as each book is around 40 and we have sent the 1964 for March and 1963 will be sent in April.


Any run is possible and where we can we will post them all for free, mainly just in the UK though.

Simple as that, so if you are interested please drop us a note on

Happy Collecting,